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Current State of the Guild

Black-Icee, Apr 15, 10 10:45 AM.

So now we have a Guild House on Otomai Island and a paddock on Koalak Mountain.  Now, we are focused on the membership.  Continue to recruit members that are lvl 40+ and help members make it to Otomai island so that the higher level members can help them lvl up!

Ask any of the officiers if you need anything!  Remember to help out your fellow guildies! And lets beat Mischief!

Post your Proffessions!

Black-Icee, Mar 20, 10 12:23 PM.

Hey Snowlanders!

I put up a new topic in the Forums : Guild crafters folder called "Post You Profession Here!"
Feel free to use this space to post your professions so that everyone can know who is what
  and help can be pasted around the guild.

Thanks guys!

Search For Guild Crafters!!!!

Black-Icee, Feb 23, 10 1:31 AM.
So, as the guild continues to grow we need to start focusing on becoming more powerful,
but to do that we need members dedicated to advancing the guild.  And in return the guild
will help you.  

We need members that want to take positions such as guild farmer, miner, alchemist, breeder, 
Tailor, etc.  We will begin listing the open positions in the Guild Crafters forums and take 
candidates for each position.  Ask me any question when you see me online.  Note: Guild
Crafters get added benefits to normal members.  Thx guys!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Herey, Feb 6, 10 1:51 PM.

The forum is in the make!

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